Risks of COVID‐19 for surgical cancer patients: The importance of the informed consent process

Risks of COVID‐19 for surgical cancer patients: The importance of the informed consent process
Alberto Julius Alves Wainstein, Ana Paula Drummond‐Lage, Reitan Ribeiro, Héber Salvador de Castro Ribeiro, Rodrigo Nascimento Pinheiro, Glauco Baiocchi, Paulo Henrique de Sousa Fernandes, Marciano Anghinoni, Gustavo Andreazza Laporte, Manoel Jesus Coelho Junior, Vinicius Negri Dall’Inha, Alexandre Ferreira Oliveira
Journal of Surgical Oncology, 20 June 2020
Open Access
Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared novel coronavirus disease‐2019 (COVID‐19) a global pandemic in March 2020, its rapidly spreading outbreak imposes an unprecedented burden on the effectiveness and sustainability of the health care system all over the world. The global debate regarding the safety and feasibility of continuing to perform elective surgery made most surgical societies suggest that nonessential elective surgery should be postponed. However, now, it is clear that cancer surgery, in general, should not be delayed for most patients. As part of the patients’ preparation for surgery, the traditional informed consent now must also address the risks of COVID‐19.

It is unquestioned that, despite the infection effect on practice, the consent process should keep the patient as the main focus. Taking that into consideration, it is the Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology’s (BSSO) objective to present the main aspects that must be covered in a surgical Informed Consent Form (ICF) to properly inform patients how this pandemic has influenced their cancer surgery and perioperative care. Supplement 1 provides the BSSO suggested ICF, adjusted to Brazilian laws and regulations…

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