Consent and its Medicolegal Aspects

Consent and its Medicolegal Aspects
Trupti Dani, Vijaya More, Manohar Sarangi
World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 14 January 2019; 8(2) pp 545-556.
The concept of consent comes from the ethical issue of respect for autonomy, individual integrity and self determination. A more focused approach has been seen in matters related to Medical Negligence since the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) was made applicable to the Medical Profession. Cases of medical negligence are now being filed in consumer courts instead of the regular courts. That is why modern surgeons & Ayurveda practitioners should be aware about their regular duties and should not go under negligent act. While performing Ayurvedic procedure; every Ayurveda practitioner should be aware about medicolegal aspects regarding consent. This article is a preliminary approach to validate whether we can find solution for emerging medicolegal issues regarding consent in medical practice.

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