Declaration of the Rights of People Affected by Tuberculosis

Declaration of the Rights of People Affected by Tuberculosis
STOP TB Partnership, TB People
Article 12. Right to informed consent, May 2019; pp 15-16
Every person affected by tuberculosis has the right to informed consent.

This means respecting a person’s autonomy, self determination and dignity through voluntary health services delivery. It includes the right to informed consent—verbal or written, depending on the situation—to all forms of testing, treatment and medical research associated with tuberculosis, with information provided in an age and gender appropriate, culturally sensitive manner, imparted in a non-technical, comprehensible manner in a language understood by the person receiving the information. For children affected by tuberculosis who lack capacity to give informed consent, all decisions made by their parents or legal guardians with respect to testing, treatment or medical research associated with tuberculosis must be made in the best interests of the child, based on accurate medical evidence.

The right to informed consent includes the right to refuse health care for tuberculosis, in accordance with Chapter 15 of the World Health Organization’s Ethics Guidance for the Implementation of the End TB Strategy. The Ethics Guidance establishes that it is never appropriate to force treatment of people with tuberculosis because, among other things, it amounts to an invasion of bodily integrity and may put health care workers at risk…

Editor’s note: Full text of the declaration is available at the title link above.

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