Blockchain Based Informed Consent with Reputation Support

Blockchain Based Informed Consent with Reputation Support
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series
Hélder Ribeiro de Sousa, António Pinto
International Congress on Blockchain and Applications, 25 June 2019; pp 54-61
Digital economy relies on global data exchange flows. On May 25th 2018 the GDPR came into force, representing a shift in data protection legislation by tightening data protection rules. This paper introduces an innovative solution that aims to diminish the burden resulting from new regulatory demands on all stakeholders. The presented solution allows the data controller to collect the consent, of a European citizen, in accordance to the GDPR and persist proof of said consent on public a blockchain. On the other hand, the data subject will be able to express his consent conveniently through his smartphone and evaluate the data controller’s performance. The regulator’s role was also contemplated, meaning that he can leverage certain system capabilities specifically designed to gauge the status of the relationships between data subjects and data controllers.

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