Mapping HIV laws and policies

Mapping HIV laws and policies
Press Release
UNAIDS, 31 July 2019
A new website that enables people to identify national laws and policies related to the AIDS response has been launched by UNAIDS.

Covering areas as diverse as a country’s ability to diagnose HIV among young babies, the existence of laws that discriminate against transgender people and whether people are prosecuted for carrying condoms, the Laws and Policies Analytics website aims to give a full overview of a country’s laws and policies related to the HIV response. It also allows to view policy data jointly with other data on the HIV epidemic and response.

“We must better understand legal and policy environments to drive effective responses to the HIV epidemic. This new tool will provide access to data on national laws and policies and allow for joint analysis with data on the epidemic and response, so that we can drive more deeply-informed decision-making,” said Shannon Hader, UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director, Programme…

Editor’s note: In addition to surveying the literature we continue to monitor for other resources such as this web based, non-bibliographic resource.

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