Changes to the consent process for mandibular third molar surgery

Changes to the consent process for mandibular third molar surgery
Garmon Bell, Stephen Henderson, Aubrey Craig
Faculty Dental Journal, 30 September 2019; 10(4) pp 126-133
Changes to the delivery of oral surgical services, the production and review of clinical guidelines, increased availability of cross-sectional imaging and the introduction of alternative techniques for surgical management of third molar disease have subtly changed the care that a patient will receive. In reviewing those changes, this article aims to promote continued discussion by the profession as to how patients can be best treated while avoiding a protectionist approach to patient care.

Editor’s note: The FDJ, produced by the Faculty of Dental Surgery of The Royal College of Surgeons of England, is an independent dental journal that provides expert opinion on contemporary issues and controversies relevant to the whole dental community.

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