Patients’ Preference for Receiving Informed Consent Information Regarding Third Molar Surgery

Patients’ Preference for Receiving Informed Consent Information Regarding Third Molar Surgery
Daniel M.Laskin
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 15 October 2019
It is important that patients have adequate information about a surgical procedure and its risks and benefits prior to giving consent to proceed. The purpose of this study was to determine patients’ satisfaction with various methods of presenting such information and their preferred method.
Patients and Methods
Patients presenting for removal of impacted third molars were shown an informational video discussing the diagnosis of impacted teeth, the potential risks of not having them removed, their treatment, surgical complications, and anesthetic options and risks. They then met with the treating doctor who again reviewed the material shown in the video and answered any questions prior to the patient signing the informed consent document. Patients then completed a brief questionnaire asking them to rate their satisfaction with the two presentation methods and to indicate their preferred method.
Fifty patients (18 males, 32 females; average age – 26yrs) completed the questionnaire. Fifty-eight percent had high school education, whereas 42% had some college or a college degree. Sixty-six percent of patients found the video very helpful and 78% found the oral presentation very helpful. However, when asked which format provided the best information, 62% indicted the video whereas 38% indicted the oral presentation.
Because there was no clear consensus among patients regarding the best format, providing both the video and an oral presentation is the ideal situation.

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