Informed consent and comprehensibility issues

Informed consent and comprehensibility issues
Research Project
Gianni De Nardi, Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow, Igor Matic, Felix Steiner
ZHAW Zurich, University of Applied Sciences Publications, 2019
Open Access
The Federal Office for Public Health has commissioned a project to investigate a key requisite for research with humans: Any person who consents to participate in health-related research must have understood the purpose, the risks and the course of the study in question. Building on the research reports, the present summary is intended to separately illustrate each of the following three levels of the problems associated with the understanding of Informed Consent, namely the results and the recommendations relating thereto. We forego any detailed derivation and discussion of the results that are contained in the four research reports. 1. Intelligibility of the written Informed Consent explanation 2. Intelligibility of the oral Informed Consent explanation 3. Combination of the oral and written Informed Consent explanation.

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