Informing MS Patients on Treatment Options: A Consensus on the Process of Consent Taking

Informing MS Patients on Treatment Options: A Consensus on the Process of Consent Taking
Brief Communication
C Tortorella, C Solaro, P Annovazzi, L Boffa, M C Buscarinu, F Buttari, M Calabrese, P Cavalla, E Cocco, C Cordioli, G De Luca, M Di Filippo, R Fantozzi, D Ferraro, A Gajofatto, A Gallo, R Lanzillo, A Laroni, S Lo Fermo, S Malucchi, G T Maniscalco, M Moccia, V Nociti, D Paolicelli, I Pesci, L Prosperini, P Ragonese, V Tomassini, V L A Torri Clerici, M Rodegher, M Gherardi, C Gasperini, RIReMS Group
Neurological sciences, 2 Apr 2020
In the last years, change in multiple sclerosis (MS) therapeutic scenario has highlighted the need for an improved doctor-patient communication in advance of treatment initiation in order to allow patient’s empowerment in the decision-making process. AIMS: The aims of our project were to review the strategies used by Italian MS specialists to inform patients about treatment options and to design a multicentre shared document that homogenizes the information about disease-modifying treatment (DMTs) and the procedure of taking informed consent in clinical practice. RESULTS: The new resource, obtained by consensus among 31 neurologists from 27 MS Centres in Italy with the supervision of a medico-legal advisor, received the aegis of Italian Neurological Society (SIN) and constitutes a step toward a standardized decision process around DMTs in MS.

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