Modelling Consent in the Time of COVID-19

Modelling Consent in the Time of COVID-19
Bartha Maria Knoppers, Michael J S Beauvais, Yann Joly, Ma’n H Zawati, Simon Rousseau, Michaël Chassé, Vincent Mooser
Journal of Law and the Biosciences, 8 May 2020
Open Access
Effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic require novel solutions for research and responsible data sharing. Biobanking presents itself as a key priority in furthering our understanding of COVID-19. In this article, we propose a tripartite approach to consent to create resources for research relating to COVID-19. The approach aims to link three levels of participation: COVID-19 patient, respiratory/infectious disease patients, and longitudinal study participants. We explore the potential approaches that can be taken to consent processes with these three participant groups. We furthermore describe an access model for both single-site and multi-site data and sample storage. Through dealing with these topics at a high level, the model may be adapted to local legal and ethical requirements while still pursuing its ultimate goal: the creation of a research infrastructure that supports transparent, strong, and open science.

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