Patient-centered care using a single consent for planned serial procedures

Patient-centered care using a single consent for planned serial procedures
Brenda G. Fahy, Terrie Vasilopoulos, Susan Ford, F. Kayser Enneking
Perioperative Care and Operating Room Management, September 2020; 20
The purpose of this study was to measure the satisfaction of patients and families with the use of a single anesthesia consent form for multiple-related treatments and procedures.
A six-question survey was developed to ascertain the satisfaction of this consent process. Chi-square tests were used to evaluate how responses differed by procedure. P < 0.05 was considered statistically significant.
Fifty-two surveys were obtained with all (100%) aware consent entailed more than one procedure and was preferred. Nearly all respondents (98%) agreed or strongly agreed that they were well informed about the consent process.
In this study, a single consent encompassing multi-related procedures was understood and preferred by patients. This could be applied more broadly for other services when a series of procedures are anticipated as part of the patient’s care plan. There may be opportunity to apply a single consent form for other areas that have a series of planned procedures as part of care (e.g. multi-related surgical procedures).

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