Presumed consent and the implications for eye donation

Presumed consent and the implications for eye donation
Parwez Hossain
Eye, 9 November 2020
Open Access
…In this issue, Dimitry et al. remind us of the recent change in the law for England. In their letter, they provide an overview of the implications of the opt-out system on eye donation rates in countries in mainland Europe where there is a longer track record of this kind of legal change. Despite providing benefits to organ donation, increases in eye donation are not similarly matched. The authors highlight that in some countries, more specific measures such as education and infrastructure changes could be more effective. From personal experience of running an eye donation service, the training of allied health professionals such as trained eye retrievers, end of life care professionals would increase the capacity of a healthcare system to identify and retrieve potential eye donations. In many hospitals and healthcare organisations, this human infrastructure appears to be the rate limiting factor for higher eye donations…

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