Informed Consent: A Monthly Review

January 2021

This digest aggregates and distills key content addressing informed consent from a broad spectrum of peer-reviewed journals and grey literature, and from various practice domains and organization types including international agencies, INGOs, governments, academic and research institutions, consortiums and collaborations, foundations, and commercial organizations. We acknowledge that this scope yields an indicative and not an exhaustive digest product.

Informed Consent: A Monthly Review is a service of the Center for Informed Consent Integrity, a program of the GE2P2 Global Foundation. The Foundation is solely responsible for its content. Comments and suggestions should be directed to:

Paige Fitzsimmons, MA
Associate Director, Center for Informed Consent Integrity
GE2P2 Global Foundation
PDF Version: GE2P2 Global_Informed Consent – A Monthly Review_January 2021

Editor’s Note:
The latest webinar in the Center’s continuing series was held on December 16th 2020 and included a presentation titled COVID-19 Immunization under Emergency Use:: Consent/Refusal, Mandates, Certificates. Foundation President & CEO David Curry led the discussion, which included a rich exchange with call participants. Full information and the webinar recording can be found here on the Center for Informed Consent Integrity website.

Further to this webinar theme, the Foundation recently released An Informed Choice/Consent/Right-to-Refuse Imperative :: Statement on Immunization Involving COVID-19 Vaccines Under Emergency Use Authorization/Listing [EUA/L]. This statement argues that immunization involving COVID-19 vaccines available under emergency use mechanisms or expanded access/compassionate use triggers an imperative to assure that individuals receive the information required to support free exercise of meaningful informed choice/consent, with a right to refuse such vaccination for any reason or no reason. Visit the statement website to read the full text and to consider adding your endorsement.

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