[Capacity to consent of people with dementia : Insights into the S2k AWMF guidelines 108-001]

[Capacity to consent of people with dementia : Insights into the S2k AWMF guidelines 108-001]
J Haberstroh, VA Tesky, J Pantel
Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 7 December 2020
People with dementia often require medical and nursing care and are regularly confronted with the need to make decisions in this respect; however, in practice uncertainty often exists as to whether a person with dementia is capable of providing consent, what procedures should be used to obtain informed consent, how to provide the necessary information and how capacity to consent can be assured. By providing structured practical recommendations, the S2k guidelines “Consent of persons with dementia to medical treatment” (coordinated by the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies of Germany, AWMF, registration number 108-001) provide a first attempt to summarize and update the relevant medical, legal, ethical and psychological requirements that should be satisfied in this respect. This article enables insights into the guidelines and an overview of the most important recommendations.

Editor’s note: This is a German Language Publication

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