DynamiChain: Development of Medical Blockchain Ecosystem Based on Dynamic Consent System

DynamiChain: Development of Medical Blockchain Ecosystem Based on Dynamic Consent System
Tong Min Kim, Seo-Joon Lee, Dong-Jin Chang, Jawook Koo, Taenam Kim, Kun-Ho Yoon, In-Young Choi
Applied Science, 10 February 2021; 11(1612)
Open Access
Although blockchain is acknowledged as one of the most important technologies to lead the fourth industrial revolution, major technical challenges regarding security breach and privacy issues remain. This issue is particularly sensitive in applied medical fields where personal health information is handled within the network. In addition, contemporary blockchain-converged solutions do not consider restricted medical data regulations that are still obstacles in many countries worldwide. This implies a crucial need for a system or solution that is suitable for the healthcare sector. Therefore, this article proposes the development of a dynamic consent medical blockchain system called DynamiChain, based on a ruleset management algorithm for handling health examination data. Moreover, medical blockchain-related studies were systematically reviewed to prove the novelty of DynamiChain. The proposed system was implemented in a scenario where the exercise management healthcare company provided health management services based on data obtained from the data provider’s hospital. The proposed research is envisioned to provide a widely compatible blockchain medical system that could be applied in future healthcare fields.

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