H3Africa Report on Informed Consent and Commercialisation

H3Africa Report on Informed Consent and Commercialisation
Ruth Chadwick, Patricia Marshall, Charmaine DM Royal
H3Africa Report, February 2021
Open Access
…In light of the vast amount of genetic diversity in African populations, H3Africa provides an unparalleled research resource for the benefit of people in Africa and across the globe. Thus, the sharing of data is a guiding principle for H3Africa, and the translation of research findings to commercial products, resources, and services is consistent with its mission. Driven by a commitment to transparency and accountability, the H3Africa leadership convened a panel of experts (authors) to review the research ethics processes and practices being employed in the H3Africa Consortium projects with the aim of identifying gaps and making recommendations for improvements going forward with regard to commercialisation. Specifically, the panel was asked to review H3Africa consent documents and talk with key members of the Consortium, including members of the Ethics Working Group, to determine how H3Africa Consortium projects have implemented informed consent procedures for studies involving biobanking and the sharing of data and/or biospecimens…

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