COVID-19 vaccination: your guide to consent

COVID-19 vaccination: your guide to consent
Erin Dean
Nursing Standard (2014+), 3 March 2021; 36(3)pp 42-43
The COVID-19 vaccination campaign is the biggest in the history of the NHS, with millions of people being offered the vaccine. Consent must be obtained before starting any treatment or investigation or providing personal care. This includes the administration of all vaccines.

For many, the idea of consent is inextricably linked to signing a form, and the government has introduced a number of consent forms specifically for the COVID-19 vaccine programme, including forms for adults and care home residents.

Yet RCN and government guidance is clear: consent should be a process rather than a single event and a signature alone does not demonstrate that the consent process has been followed.

Here, we look at the key issues surrounding consent, and the implications for nursing staff who are involved in the COVID-19 vaccine programme…

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