Implementing Informed Consent with Knowledge Graphs

Implementing Informed Consent with Knowledge Graphs
Anelia Kurteva
European Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2021 Satellite Events, 21 July 2021; pp 155-164
The GDPR legislation has brought to light one’s rights and has highlighted the importance of consent, which has caused a major shift in how data processing and sharing are handled. Data sharing has been a popular research topic for many years, however, a unified solution for the transparent implementation of consent, in compliance with GDPR that could be used as a standard, has not been presented yet. This research proposes a solution for implementing informed consent for sensor data sharing in compliance with GDPR with semantic technology, namely knowledge graphs. The main objectives are to model the life cycle of informed consent (i.e. the request, comprehension, decision and use of consent) with knowledge graphs so that it is easily interpretable by machines, and to graphically visualise it to individuals in order to raise legal awareness of what it means to consent and the implications that follow.

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