Just Because the Data Is There, It Doesn’t Mean It’s Yours to Take

Just Because the Data Is There, It Doesn’t Mean It’s Yours to Take
Kate McCandless
Emerging Library & Information Perspectives, 2 July 2021; 4(1)
In research conducted using Twitter data, informed consent has taken the back seat. This literature review examines the perspectives of users, researchers and research ethics boards to provide nuance and context to the issue. Users are generally unaware that their data can be taken for research purposes and that they have agreed to be studied within the platform’s terms of service. This is concerning for both researchers and users alike, as it continues to blur the line of public and private information. Users want to be informed when they are being studied. When informed consent is not obtained, researchers are not respecting the data and the humans who created it. If researchers were required to obtain informed consent when engaging with Twitter data, the resulting research would be more ethical and protect everyone involved: the researcher, the user, and the university.

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