Patient Informed Consent Awareness form in Public Hospitals of Punjab, Pakistan

Patient Informed Consent Awareness form in Public Hospitals of Punjab, Pakistan
Saadet Khan, Rabia Afzal, Dr. Saba Farooq, Sohail Ahmed
Psychology and Education, 18 November 2020; 58(5) pp 4645-4655
In Pakistan hospitals, it is generally observed that informed consent is not obtained, or they are not provided with enough explanations about the forthcoming processes and their future consequences by the healthcare teams. The purposes of this study was to explore patient’s perception of informed-consent in hospitals of Punjab. It was an exploratory study. A total of 120 patients (84male, 36 female) were included in this study. The patients were selected from public hospitals of Punjab after taking informed consent. A pre- designed and pre-structured validated questionnaire was used for data collection from patients who went through surgical/medical procedures. The data was analyzed through SPSS version 20. Results: In this study, 70% male and 30% female participants with different age groups have participated. Frequency analysis of each question was done to check the response against each statement. The results of independent sample t-test show that there is insignificant difference between male and female groups regarding the understanding level, scope, values and function toward patient informed consent. There is lack of awareness about legal implications of signing or not signing of the informed consent among Patients in Punjab. It is concluded that most of the clinical settings in Pakistan are unaware of importance to obtain informed consent when practicing the workplace environment. It should be emphasized that there would be a need to develop an educational program towards inform consent and further reassessed in order to achieve patient autonomy. The studies should be carried out in other provinces of Pakistan to check that all the workplace environment are following informed consent practices in the workplace.

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