Breast Core Biopsy Information and Consent: Do we Prepare or do we Scare?

Breast Core Biopsy Information and Consent: Do we Prepare or do we Scare?
Research Article
Jennifer Pollard, Heather Rose, Russell Mullen, Nick Abbott
Journal of Patient Experience, 28 October 2021
Open Access
Informed consent has important ethical considerations for invasive procedures. Anecdotal evidence suggests an informed consent policy could heighten anxiety. We evaluated whether detailed information about breast biopsy prior to appointment negatively impacted patient experiences. Phase 1 surveyed patients receiving a standard appointment letter who underwent core biopsy (group A). Phase 2 surveyed two groups receiving standard letter plus biopsy leaflets: those who underwent core biopsy (group B) and those who did not (group C). The analysis included descriptive statistics and qualitative thematic analysis. Hundred percent of group A felt they were given enough information prior to biopsy and 72% felt it would not be helpful having information to read in the clinic beforehand. Hundred percent of group B and 94.1% of group C found it helpful to receive information with their letter. Common themes were good service, verbal explanation, and appreciation of written information. Despite concerns that too much information would heighten anxiety, this has not resulted in negative clinic experiences. Most patients found detailed information included with their appointment letter helpful, regardless of whether they had a biopsy or not.

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