The Problem of Consent in Feminist Practical Ethics

The Problem of Consent in Feminist Practical Ethics
Laura Avakyan, Galina Tsimmerman, Alexander Zimmermann, Vladimir Shcherbakov
Wisdom, 2021; 4(20)
Open Access
The article analyzes the topical problem of consent in modern feminist theory as a way of achieving public consensus on the goals and forms of women’s emancipation. The emancipation of women is one of the most important achievements of modern society and an ongoing process. Therefore, the issues that are being discussed within the framework of feminist ethics are appropriate. For example, the extent to which men who hold power and dominance for thousands of years can genuinely liberate women and share with them equal rights and opportunities. There is also an acute problem of the extent to which women themselves are willing to show solidarity and their consent on social and political issues. These issues and discussions by contemporary feminists, who deserve the attention of a wide range of experts in applied ethics, argumentation theory, social and political theory, are addressed in this study.

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