Cognitive Testing of an Electronic Consent Platform: Researcher Perspectives

Cognitive Testing of an Electronic Consent Platform: Researcher Perspectives
Daniel Robins, Rachel Brody, Irena Parvanova, Joseph Finkelsein
Nurses and Midwives in the Digital Age, December 2021
Open Access
This study focuses on feedback from domain experts to assess usability and acceptance of the E-Consent electronic consent platform. Quantitative and qualitative data were captured throughout the usability inspection, which was structured around a cognitive walkthrough with heuristics evaluation. Additional surveys measured biobanking knowledge and attitudes and familiarity with informed consent. A semi-structured qualitative interview captured open-ended feedback. 23 researchers of various ages and job titles were included for analysis. The System Usability Scale (SUS) provided a standardized reference for usability and satisfaction, and the mean result of 86.7 corresponds with an ‘above average’ usability rating in the >90th percentile. Overall, participants believe that electronic consenting using this platform will be faster than previous workflows while enhancing patient understanding, and human rapport is still a key component of the consent process. Expert review has provided valuable insight and actionable information that will be used to further enhance this maturing platform.

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