How to obtain valid consent for research?

How to obtain valid consent for research?
Manel Ben Fredj
International Journal of Research and Ethics, 1 February 2022; 5(1)
There is a broad agreement on the need to protect humans participating in biomedical research. Research ethics encompasses three fundamental principles: autonomy, beneficence, and justice. In practice, valid consent from participants is considered as the main tool to protect the participants and to ensure their rights. Obtaining a valid consent for research requires the voluntariness and the capacity of participants with disclosing an adequate and clear information. Nevertheless, in some circumstances, the institutional review board (IRB) may make an exception and approve the waiver of consent. An approval by the IRB is always needed. This workshop introduces candidates to fundamental principles in ethics research and to the rules of consent writing in research. It addresses also the specific situations under which a waiver consent may be acceptable. The workshop proceeds in two sessions in which we: present the principles of research ethics with explaining the steps of obtaining a valid consent for research and organize work groups.

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