A Big Data Framework for Consent

A Big Data Framework for Consent
Book Chapter
Wei Yap, Muhammad Rizwan Asghar
Trust, Security and Privacy for Big Data, 2022 [Taylor&Francis]
Privacy is a vast and vital area of law with possibly diverse interpretations, legislation and standards worldwide with the aim to protect data. Consent plays a vital role in preserving privacy as it ensures that all involved parties understand the reason for the use and collection of data. Many organisations still have lengthy guidelines that cause legibility and usability issues. This makes it difficult for a data subject to understand what they are consenting to and creates a restrictive environment for consent. Unfortunately, existing works do not provide any solution for implementing a dynamic privacy consent framework. In this book chapter, we aim at presenting a dynamic consent framework for big data to ensure that each privacy consent policy is legible, understandable, usable, and customisable. We propose a new method to communicate, analyse, and request consent from a data subject in a way that is simple and understandable. We also aim to ensure that this framework does not increase the burden on data subjects to provide consent while implementing an ability to simplify and audit the consent process.

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