Patient Satisfaction with Informed Consent for Cesarean and Operative Vaginal Delivery

Patient Satisfaction with Informed Consent for Cesarean and Operative Vaginal Delivery
Karen S. Levy, Martha K. Smith, Meagan Lacroix, Mark H. Yudin
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 29 March 2022
To evaluate patient satisfaction with the informed consent process for elective cesarean delivery (CD), emergency CD, and operative vaginal delivery (OVD).
A cross-sectional, survey-based study was conducted among patients on the postpartum floor of our institution. Patients were approached after delivery to complete a previously pilot-tested questionnaire, based on validated literature. One hundred eighty-four surveys were included in the analysis. Levels of patient satisfaction were compared across modes of delivery using χ2 tests of independence. Secondary objectives included evaluating the relationship between satisfaction scores and the patient’s recall of the consent process and emotional state during the consent process.
A significant association was found between patient satisfaction with the consent process and mode of delivery (P < 0.001). Those in the elective and emergency CD groups were significantly more likely to express high rates of satisfaction compared with those in the OVD group (odds ratio [OR] 9.03; 95% CI 2.80–29.10 and OR 3.97; 95% CI 1.34–11.76, respectively). High levels of satisfaction were significantly more common among those who had greater recall of the consent process (OR 25.2; 95% CI 7.34–87.04) and those who reported low levels of distress during the process (OR 15.1; 95% CI 4.70–48.66).
Informed consent during OVD is associated with lower rates of patient satisfaction compared with CD. Efforts are needed to improve the consent process for OVD to increase patient satisfaction and promote patient-centred care.

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