Informed Consent in Pringsewu Regional General Hospital: Legal Evidence Perspective

Informed Consent in Pringsewu Regional General Hospital: Legal Evidence Perspective
Samino Samino, Agung Aji Perdana, Selamet Kuntoro
Jounral Ilmu Kesehatan, 2022; 7(1)
Quality health care is the right of every patient and his family. One of the indicators of quality services is the fulfillment of informed consent in accordance with the laws and regulations. Preliminary studies of several informed consent documents at Pringsewu Hospital found that all of them were not filled out completely. This study aims to analyze informed consent documents from the perspective of legal evidence.The study was conducted at Pringsewu Hospital in July 2021. The research method used a qualitative descriptive analysis approach, with 75 informed consent documents and two informants. How to collect data by reviewing the informed consent document that has been filled in at the hospital medical record installation, by checking the completeness of filling out the informed consent document for the five most types of actions, and in-depth interviews with the responsible leadership.The results showed that 75 informed consent documents were reviewed, none of which were filled out completely. The five most important indicators were not filled in completely, consecutively: name and signature of witness II, name and signature of witness I, gender of the patient, and gender of the giver of consent. To improve the completeness of filling out documents, the hospital will provide education to doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, as well as strict supervision. It was concluded that incomplete informed consent documents, as legal evidence, were low quality. The hospital leaders should conduct socialization to doctors, nurses and administrative staff regarding the importance of filling out the medical treatment approval form properly and completely.

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