Digital Transformation of Big Data

Digital Transformation of Big Data
Book Chapter
Po-Chang Lee, Chih-Hsing Ho, Joyce Tsung-Hsi Wang
Digital Health Care in Taiwan, 14 August 2022; pp 219–228 [Springer]
Open Access
   The virtual National Health Insurance (NHI) card not only represents digitization but also enables contactless health care during the pandemic. Under the process of full-scale digitization, the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) continues to refine the health service delivery measures, especially in the field of home-based medical care and telemedicine.

Under the personal data protection regulation, the NHI data are opened for academic research purposes. More than 6550 published journal articles have utilized the NHI data, and these articles are made searchable online to support health policy management and clinical research. The NHI medical images combined with the application of artificial intelligence (AI) are the cornerstones of Taiwan’s smart health care. Domestic research teams are eligible to use the NHI database to verify or build their AI models after their research proposals are approved by the Management Council of the AI Application of NHI Data. The NHIA also plans to use NHI big data to develop digital patient decision aids by establishing a two-way digital interaction model to address the concerns of the healthcare providers and the public. By comparing the secondary use of health data in different countries, Taiwan is seeking a balance between innovation and conservative policies and is creating an environment that ensures the well-being of the next generation.

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