Informed Consent Implementation at Leona Hospital in Kupang City

Informed Consent Implementation at Leona Hospital in Kupang City
Debi F. Ng. Fallo, Heryanto Amalo
South East Asia Journal of Contemporary Business, Economics and Law, August 2022; 27(1)
Informed Consent is a patient’s approval on medical action that will be performed on one after one has received a complete explanation of it. It is done to protect patients against all medical actions that are carried out without the patient’s knowledge and at the same time provide legal protection to doctor against unexpected negative consequences, for example against the risk of inevitable treatment even though the doctor has tried his/her best and acted circumspect. Therefore, the principle of informed consent doctrine is a patient’s autonomy right to himself to decide what is desired in the matter of treatment. It is an empirical legal research or non-doctrinal legal research. The data required is primary data obtained directly from respondents/informants, and secondary data obtained from the literature with data collection techniques are in the form of observations, interviews, document studies and group discussions. This study resulted in information regarding informed consent implementation at the Leona Hospital, Kupang City, and the obstacles faced in the informed consent implementation in the form of patient/patient’s family being heterogeneous groups patient’s perceptions of her/his illness, doctors’ explanations contain medical technical terms, and the limited time. This study suggests that doctors are still obliged to provide information to patients either orally or in writing form and that doctors need to improve their communication skills with patients from different backgrounds so that the goal of delivering information to patients is achieved.

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