[Knowledge, use and opinion about written informed consent in primary healthcare nurses: CONOSER pilot project]

[Knowledge, use and opinion about written informed consent in primary healthcare nurses: CONOSER pilot project]
Cabrera-Rodríguez A, Rico-Blázquez M, Sanz-Álvarez EJ, Schmidt-RioValle J
Atencion Primaria, 3 December 2022; 55(2)
To know the knowledge, implementation and opinion on informed consent of generalist nurses, specialists and primary care residents. Descriptive cross-sectional study using an online self-administered ‘ad hoc’ questionnaire. Primary care nurses in Madrid, from November 2020 to March 2021. Sample of 114 nurses: 91 generalist, 20 specialists and 3 residents. Sociodemographics, knowledge, implementation and opinion. The response rate was 27.7%. As a general rule, 48.2% indicated that informed consent was collected verbally, as established by law, with differences being found between categories, this percentage being higher in specialists and residents (P=0.004), and within specialists in those who had obtained their speciality by internal resident nurse (IRN) (P<0.0001). In addition, specialists and residents were those who most identified the legal norm regulating informed consent (P<0.0001). In terms of implementation and opinion, all groups obtained similar results. There are no previous studies that have analysed these aspects of informed consent comparing the different categories. Studies from other healthcare and geographical areas show that nurses have greater knowledge, although the demand for specific training in bioethics and biolaw is greater in the nurses participating in this study. Nurses have adequate knowledge about informed consent, use it in clinical practice and have an appropriate conception of it, being higher in some items in specialist nurses IRN and in residents.

Editor’s note: Atencion Primaria is a Spanish language publication that publishes works relative to the field of Primary Healthcare

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