Establishing Legal Obligations and Guidelines for Consent in Organ Transplants

Establishing Legal Obligations and Guidelines for Consent in Organ Transplants
Malik Zia-ud-Din, Driss Ed.daran, Hamid Mukhtar
Al-Qantara, 4 January 2023; 9(1)
The process of obtaining consent in the medical field is layered with complexity. Risk assessment and informed consent are very important public health problems that have gotten even more attention as the COVID-19 outbreak has progressed. This article identifies pertinent elements that physicians should take into account while obtaining permission for solid organ transplantation. First, we determine the circumstances behind the patient’s permission. The implications of recent legal decisions are then discussed, along with the legal principles governing consent in medical practice as they apply in the UK. The third section focuses on particular consent challenges in organ transplantation and discusses important variables to consider when deciding consent for organ transplantation. Practical suggestions are provided in the fourth part. In order to get informed permission for transplantation, we suggest a unique “multi-factor approach” that takes into account risk awareness, strong communication, and thorough review procedures. In conclusion, our suggested strategy adds just a little bit to the ongoing discussion around consent in medicine. This research further suggests that many developing countries are conducting such processes but those countries have no effective regulations similar to the UK; hence, such developing countries can follow the same footprints as the UK has taken.

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