Informed Consent and Shared Decision Making in the Perioperative Environment

Informed Consent and Shared Decision Making in the Perioperative Environment
Review Article
Elizabeth D. Krebs, Sook C. Hoang
Clinical Colon Rectal Surgery, 28 January 2023
Informed consent and shared decision making (SDM) are crucial portions of preoperative patient management. Informed consent is a standard for surgery from both a legal and ethical standpoint, involving disclosure of potential risks of a procedure and ensuring patient understanding of these risks. SDM is a process in which a clinician and patients decide between two or more treatment plans, taking into account the patient’s goals and values. SDM is a particularly important aspect of patient-centered care when two or more treatment options exist or in situations where an indicated treatment may not align with the patient’s long-term goals. This article details aspects of and issues surrounding informed consent and SDM.

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