Informed consent in dermatology: a narrative review

Informed consent in dermatology: a narrative review
Meredith Hengy, Marlee Hewitt, Victoria Dekany, Nastassja Bedford-Lyon, Steven Daveluy
International Journal of Dermatology, 11 January 2023
Informed consent is a legal and ethical obligation of healthcare providers, and there are several steps that must be followed for informed consent to be obtained. Numerous challenges exist to obtaining informed consent including gaps in health literacy, language barriers, impaired decision-making capacity, and inadequacy of informed consent forms. Dermatologists must understand the importance and process for obtaining informed consent to protect patients as well as avoid litigation. This narrative review provides an overview of the process of obtaining informed consent, insight into the top challenges that clinicians may face with suggested recommendations, and a brief review of litigation from improper consent among dermatologists.

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