Evidence-based informed consent form for total knee arthroplasty

Evidence-based informed consent form for total knee arthroplasty
Satvik N. Pai, Madhan Jeyaraman, Nicola Maffuli, Naveen Jeyaraman, Filippo Migliorini, Ashim Gupta
Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, 2 March 2023
Open Access
Informed consent documentation is often the first area of interest for lawyers and insurers when a medico-legal malpractice suit is concerned. However, there is a lack of uniformity and standard procedure about obtaining informed consent for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We developed a solution for this need for a pre-designed, evidence-based informed consent form for patients undergoing TKA.
Materials and methods
We extensively reviewed the literature on the medico-legal aspects of TKA, medico-legal aspects of informed consent, and medico-legal aspects of informed consent in TKA. We then conducted semi-structured interviews with orthopaedic surgeons and patients who had undergone TKA in the previous year. Based on all of the above, we developed an evidence-based informed consent form. The form was then reviewed by a legal expert, and the final version was used for 1 year in actual TKA patients operated at our institution.
Legally sound, evidence-based Informed Consent Form for Total Knee Arthroplasty.
The use of legally sound, evidence-based informed consent for total knee arthroplasty would be beneficial to orthopaedic surgeons and patients alike. It would uphold the rights of the patient, promote open discussion and transparency. In the event of a lawsuit, it would be a vital document in the defence of the surgeon and withstand the scrutiny of lawyers and the judiciary.

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