Guidelines for ethical research on sexual exploitation involving children

Guidelines for ethical research on sexual exploitation involving children
ECPAT – ECPAT is the only child right’s organisation that is solely focusing on ending the sexual exploitation of children (
29 November 2019
Press Release
…The Guidelines for Ethical Research on Sexual Exploitation involving Children offer a framework for ethical research design in this area. They guide the reader through four steps in research design and implementation and set up a series of ‘ethical tasks’ that should be undertaken in your research project…
Doing research involving children in the context of sexual exploitation raises a range of ethical questions and dilemmas. Some of these are similar for any research with human participants or vulnerable groups; but others are very specific to children affected by sexual exploitation (see ‘Ethics of Research on Sexual Exploitation Involving Children’ for a review of the literature). This document provides guidance for negotiating these ethical questions for a range of people engaged in field research (from lead researchers to data collectors)…
 Informed Consent
…Even though not always legally required, with research involving children, it is also ethically appropriate to also obtain ‘assent ’from child participants. Obtaining ‘assent’ means to formally get permission from the child that they want to participate (not to just assume they do because a parent/caregiver gave consent). Children have the right to participate, but they also have the right to choose whether to express or not express those views6 This “means that the child must not be manipulated or subjected to undue influence or pressure…”

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