Towards a Highly Usable, Mobile Electronic Platform for Patient Recruitment and Consent Management

Towards a Highly Usable, Mobile Electronic Platform for Patient Recruitment and Consent Management
Daniel Robins, Rachel Brody, In Cheol Jeong, Irena Parvanova, Jiazhen Liu, Joseph Finkelstein Abstract
Studies in health technology and informatics, 16 June 2020; 270 pp 1066-1070
This study seeks to assess usability and acceptance of E-Consent on mobile devices such as tablet computers for collecting universal biobank consents. Usability inspection occurred via cognitive walkthroughs and heuristics evaluations, supplemented by surveys to capture health literacy, patient engagement, and other metrics. 17 patients of varied ages, backgrounds, and occupations participated in the study. The System Usability Scale (SUS) provided a standardized reference for usability and satisfaction, and the mean result of 84.4 placed this mobile iteration in the top 10th percentile. A semi-structured qualitative interview provided copious actionable feedback, which will inform the next iteration of this project. Overall, this implementation of the E-Consent framework on mobile devices was considered easy-to-use, satisfying, and engaging, allowing users to progress through the consent materials at their own pace. The platform has once again demonstrated high usability and high levels of user acceptance, this time in a novel setting.

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