Using a cartoon questionnaire to improve consent process in children: a randomized controlled survey

Using a cartoon questionnaire to improve consent process in children: a randomized controlled survey
Clinical Research Article
Shanshan Qiu, Yang Xia, Feng Tian, Yanfang Yang, Jijun Song, Liqin Chen, Hao Mei, Fan Jiang, Nan Bao, Shijian Liu
Pediatric Research, 17 November 2020
The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of an audio and animated cartoon questionnaire (AACQ) at improving consent process in child for biospecimen donation.
A multi-center randomized and controlled survey was performed at two pediatric hospitals in China from 2019 to 2020. Children aged from 7 to 18 years in the pediatric surgery wards were invited to investigate the participants’ willingness and attitudes for donating biospecimens. A total of 264 children, including 119 in the AACQ group and 145 in the TQ group, and 67 parents of children were analyzed. A separate knowledge test was acquired in the questionnaires.
Our findings showed that the response rate of the AACQ group (89.85%) was significantly higher than that of the TQ group (68.44%; p < 0.001). AACQ can improve the child’s understanding, increase children’s engagement in biospecimen donation, reduced the differences in selected characteristics affecting children understanding, and enhanced their risk awareness of donating biospecimens. We also found that increasing pain and privacy disclosure were the most popular concern among children for the refusal to donate biospecimens.
AACQ is an effective and standardized tool of content delivery to children from the surgical wards. Children who fully understood of biospecimen donation are suggested to participate in the consent signing.

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