Consent in medical practice

Consent in medical practice
H K Shreekrishna, Aruna B Rao
International Journal of Preclinical and Clinical Research, 4 June 2021
Open Access
Consent is an expression of autonomy and represents the right of a patient to make a decision in a medical matter concerning him. Consent is not just a procedural formality but also a legal requirement. The process of informed consent occurs when communication between a patient and physician results in the patient’s authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention. In India, the number of suits against doctors is increasing because of failure to take informed consent or inadequate consent from patients for various procedures. Any examination of a patient by the doctor without his consent amounts to assault (351IPC). Ignorance of laws is not a defense in negligence cases, so every practicing doctor should be aware of their responsibilities about consent in medical practice. Consent is not an option but a necessity in medical practice.

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