Beyond Agree or Disagree: A Consent Story and Storytelling for Indonesian Children

Beyond Agree or Disagree: A Consent Story and Storytelling for Indonesian Children
Fitri Arlinkasari, Debra Flanders Cushing, Evonne Miller
Ethics and Integrity in Research with Children and Young People, 4 November 2021
Researchers face many ethical challenges when conducting research with children. Ethical issues can be even more significant when researchers work with children from low-income urban settings in the Global South. This chapter presents reflections on research conducted with children aged 6–12 years old who live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Underpinned by the new sociology of childhood, the study was designed to gather these children’s perspectives on child-friendly public spaces in their neighbourhoods. A range of qualitative methods were used including child-led tours, drawings, observations and interviews. As part of the study, the authors developed and reflected on the use of story and storytelling to deliver the research information and obtain the children’s consent to participate. The authors’ experience demonstrates that story and storytelling supported children’s competence and engaged them in a meaningful informed consent process. This approach is especially relevant for children with low literacy skills and whose parents or caregivers may not be available to help children decide on their participation in research. The chapter concludes with recommendations for effectively approaching this ethical challenge in future social research with children from similar backgrounds.

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