The application and promotion of electronic informed consent

The application and promotion of electronic informed consent
Dong, L. Qin, W. Wu, C. Tang, W. Long, Z. Yang, L. Ling, L. Lu
Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 2021; 21(7) pp 851-857
Under the background of the global COVID-19 pandemic, electronic informed consent (eConsent) utilizes technology to provide a new method and idea for clinical trials. It has the advantages of convenience and efficiency, which greatly improves the efficiency of clinical trials. At present, this concept has not been put forward in China while it has been clarified clearly abroad, and some countries have launched a variety of trials and formulated various regulations to further standardize the eConsent. Based on the current situation of eConsent in China, this study analyzed the design and implementation of eConsent, summarized relevant domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and proposed opportunities and challenges for electronic informed consent as well as the relevant preparations for the implementation of this technology in China.

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