Exploring the Adequacy of Obtaining Informed Consent for Caesarean Deliveries – A Patient Perspective

Exploring the Adequacy of Obtaining Informed Consent for Caesarean Deliveries – A Patient Perspective
Theletsane, T. Cronje, B.G Lindeque, S. Adam
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum, 30 November 2021; 31(2)
The objective of this study was to assess the adequacy of informed consent obtained from patients prior to caesarean delivery.
Descriptive study
Tertiary level hospitals in a major South African center in Pretoria, South Africa Subjects: Two-hundred-and-fifty patients who underwent elective and emergency caesarean deliveries
Outcome Measures
The assessment of the adequacy of the informed consent was assessed via a questionnaire that the participants answered on day 2-3 post caesarean delivery.
Average age of participants was 28.8 years (28.75 ± 5.92). Twenty three percent (23.2%) of the participants underwent elective and 76.8% underwent emergency caesarean deliveries. Seventy five percent (75.6%) of the participants knew the name of the procedure, although only 29.2% were aware of the associated risks, and 59.2% of participants knew of their right to refuse the procedure.
Adequate communication is essential to all aspects of medicine and this study has highlighted the inadequacy of the informed consent process that takes place at our institution. Information regarding risks and complications was not adequately communicated. A standardized informed consent document that healthcare professionals can use for counseling, starting antenatally, should be considered.

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