Is informed consent practice in a general surgery unit adequate? An audit report

Is informed consent practice in a general surgery unit adequate? An audit report
Original Article
Sameeah Hanif, Muhammad Nawaz, Sumera Naseem
Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, 29 June 2021; 37(3) pp 192-195
Open Access
To obtain an informed consent is essential part of surgical practice. It not only ensures patients rights but also decreases the chances of legal proceedings against surgeons in case of any issue from procedure. The objective of this study is to evaluate the prevailing practices of getting informed consent and documentation in case of general surgical patients.
Material and Methods
This cross sectional (audit) study was carried out in department of Surgery District Head Quarter (DHQ), Abbottabad from December 2020 till February 2021 in general surgical unit. 132- patients chosen randomly were included. Both cases of elective as well as emergency cases were included. Patient operated on General and spinal anesthesia were interviewed according to questionnaire relating to informed surgical practices. Data of interviewed patients were analysed using spss 17.
132 patients were included in study. Mean age was 34.98±16.1 years. Study comprised of 70 female(53%) and 62(47%) male. 117(88.6%) consent were taken by house officers while 15(11.4%) consent were taken by operating surgeon. 84(63.6%) consent were signed by patients themselves while 48(36.4%) were signed by relatives. All 132(100%) consent were written consent.
The quality of obtaining consent is below optimal and needs improvement. Education amongst health care workers is required so that they realize the importance of patients right’s so they make their own independent decision in the light of knowledge given. Also knowing that to have a complete and up to mark consent is beneficial for clinician in case of legal issues.

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