Awareness on consent and counselling among patients attending tertiary care hospitals : a cross-sectional study

Awareness on consent and counselling among patients attending tertiary care hospitals : a cross-sectional study
S. Rao, P. Sagar, B. V. S. R. Kumari
Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery, 31 March 2022
Surgical consent and counselling are an integral part of medical practice and medical education. This study was done to know how many of the residents provide complete and accurate information to the patient during their training period.
Sixty residents from various surgical departments and 40 patients who were undergoing surgery were selected. The data was collected through interviews using two different questionnaires. The resident’s questionnaire provided the information they provide to patients. The patient’s questionnaire provided information on the level of their understanding from the interaction. Data were analysed using coGuide.
Out of 60 residents, 56(92 %) reported that the side effects and consequences were explained fully. 25% of residents mentioned the name of the surgery and nearly 100% did not mention the operating surgeon’s or unit in charge name. About 79% of residents felt that the patient was convinced with their way of communication, nearly 93 % of patients were convinced their disease process was explained well and 50% felt that the doctor informed the consequences of surgery well. 75% responded that doctor did not inform about the side-effects 98% were not aware of the alternative forms of treatment and, 87% of patients were not informed about the chances of recurrence of disease where ever applicable.
The majority of residents were convinced that their conveying skills are adequate for surgical counselling but they felt the need to improve. The majority of patients denied discussing complications when occurred.

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