Procedure and Informed Consent of Patients for Capsule Endoscopy

Procedure and Informed Consent of Patients for Capsule Endoscopy
Book Chapter
Byung Ik Jang
Small Intestine Disease, 5 April 2022; pp 79-82 [Springer]
Capsule endoscopy allows the intestinal mucosa of patient to be examined without discomfort after a patient swallows the capsule for small intestinal examination. When conducting capsule endoscopy for diagnosing small intestinal disease, medical staffs must be fully aware of the entire procedures to ensure quality of capsule endoscopy and improvement of diagnosis. When conducting capsule endoscopy, patients must be fully informed of the preparation process before examination, the endoscopy itself and provisions after the examination. After being informed of all needed information, patients can then sign the consent for capsule endoscopy.

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